Friday, August 21, 2009

The greatest thumb in the entire world

So, it is true, my son now sports the greatest thumb in the entire world. What an honor bestowed on him.

I promised pictures. So, I'm posting one we took the day before the surgery (notice the giant YES stamped on his arm...a source of great humor for me surgery after surgery after surgery) and one today in the cast. We have to wait until September 15 to see the greatest thumb in the entire world in it's un-casted state, but it will be worth the wait.

Eli's favorite words: truck, mama, eah, no, yay, up, move please, thank you, welcome, paci, ifford, there it is, hi.

Today, we met with Elijah's teacher at the greatest school on Earth, The Little Light House. I always leave so energized and encouraged about Elijah's future. I'm always excited to know that he will develop and grow in their delicate care.

I found Eli sitting in his crib today...twice. Just cracks me up. You see, Elijah's arms haven't really allowed him the pleasure of helping himself between the laying and sitting positions. The brilliant people at the Little Light House started the process of teaching him to use things around him to get up and down. Folks, he has mastered it. Yesterday, he actually hid from me under the ottoman. I honestly lost him for about the longest 30 seconds of my entire life. I knew I had left him sitting in the living room floor. When his silence became noticeable I walked back into the living Eli. It ran through my head...did I put him in his crib...not in the crib..."Sophia, where is Eli?"..."I don't know"...faint breathing heard..."Eli"..."yay"..."Oh, Eli, are you hiding from your mama under there"..."yay." That was the end of that, but geez.

Special prayers for special grandma Bobbie. She's been battling a nasty illness. We love you!

Love you all!

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We all enjoy and appreciate your posts. I have a feeling Elijah just might be somewhat of a prankster, (like his father). Cute trick, I say. Thank you for remembering me. I am working at getting well. I need to see my babies.
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa! mhh

Angela Stevens said...


The beautiful picture you created of the humor in "losing" Elijah made me laugh out loud just now! He is a grand blessing!