Friday, March 6, 2009

We're HOME

We are happy to be home. Elijah's arm is causing him pain, but his pain med does the trick. Hopefully we can get him off of pain medication soon. He's done really well. He was REALLY ready to leave the hospital yesterday. He slept most of the way home.

We return in six weeks to have the cast removed and the arm x-ray done. The rod is expected to stay put for three months. Please pray during the next three months that Elijah's arm stays infection free!

Sophia was happy to have us home, but she had tons of fun with her cousins.

With love and extreme gratitude,


Lora L Roberts said...

I'm so glad that the surger was well tolerated by Eli and I'm glad you guys are back in Oklahoma

Susie said...

yay for Eli! I'm so happy all went well and you all are home safe and sound!

Amberghini said...

So glad to hear the good news! We'll put you on the official praise list tomorrow! xo!

Anonymous said...

We praise the Lord and thank HIM for his loving care. We thank the Lord for you as loving parents with special talents for your kids.
Grandma Bobbie