Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doing well

Elijah has come through this surgery with the best post-op yet. He was actually ready to play far sooner than I expected. He was still connected to an IV so he couldn't go to the play room. He is treating his surgically repaired arm, which is in a cast from hand to arm pit, just like his regular arm. I think he's become so accustomed to splints at home that this is nothing. He was one of three in his room who had surgery today and he did the absolute best of the group. I am very pleased. Thank you for your special prayers for Eli today. We will travel home tomorrow so remember us then too. We are becoming pros at this.

With love,


Miss Kate said...

Awesome! I have been praying off and on all day for you guys! What great news to hear he is doing so well! Praise God!

the Bennnett Family said...

This is Elliot's mom from school... so glad Eli did great! We missed him this week! See you guys after the break! Safe travels :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear all went well. I enjoy the updates on Eli and Sophia and the rest of the family. I applaud your efforts with your family. You are one great family.
Pete and Linda

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear he is doing well. Praying for speedy recovery and safe travel home.


Stacie said...

Sad that you all have become so good at surgeries. But, I'm so happy to read how well little Elijah did today.

Have a safe trip home. I know Sophia will be happy to have you back. What a great big sis she is!