Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stay tuned

We head to Shreveport tomorrow for Elijah's second wrist surgery (other wrist) on Wednesday morning. He will be checked into the hospital on Tuesday morning and hopefully discharged on Thursday. The docs at Shreveport probably call this routine, but my fears of infection are raw. Elijah's last arm rod made him very, very sick after two months. Please pray Elijah will make it through this straightening without any complications and complete success.

Pray for Sophia as she is again left behind. She will be well cared for by Auntie Lori and Uncle David and well played with by cousins Daniel and Makayla. She will be fine, but it is still hard on her.

Pray for our safe drive and smooth transactions along the way. We still don't know where we are staying while we are there.

Watch the blog, we'll update as we go.

Blessings to all.



Anonymous said...

Praying for you as you go. If all goes well, we will probably be over on Saturday. We will talk about it later. Thanks for the update. Grandma Bobbie

Kate said...

Will be checking the blog for updates. We are already praying for him a LLH and will continue to do so. Love you all...kisses to Eli from the Orange Class!