Saturday, March 7, 2009

VIDEO! Those Amazing Ramirez Kids

The last time Elijah went to Shreveport, I posted a poignant film of his return to the hospital room directly after the surgery. He was crying and sleepy and in real pain. We took video of the same thing this time, and I've decided to skip it. You will have to take my word for it -- he's a superhero who knows how to endure medical procedures that I'll never have to face. That same afternoon, he was already laughing and playing and making due with the cast, but we were too busy being entertained to film it.

Instead, Melissa and I thought you'd like to see something truly amazing, some footage of Elijah scooting across the room. This was also taken in Shreveport, the day before surgery in the hospital's big playroom filled with toys. Watch for the moment when his Grammie and Grandpa Ayers arrive at the hospital to surprise Eli. He still isn't talking, but just watch how much he understands. Elijah is a minute-by-minute miracle. (Yes, I know it's a Barbie car, but with Clifford behind the wheel, it comes across as tough. You should have seen it when Elijah put the tyrannasaurus rex in there. Way to go, little dude.)

And speaking of miracles... My family members are still amazed I "allowed" Sophia to join a cheerleading squad this spring. As though anyone could say no to Sophia. She's inhereted her mother's gift of making me do things I otherwise wouldn't do. As for the gift of kicking her leg almost over her head and doing the splits, she didn't get it from me.


Angela Stevens said...

Way to Go, Eli! What joy this video brings. thanks for posting it.

Angela Stevens

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Sophia!! Great moves! Looks like you were having a blast out there. So glad you talked Daddy into letting you cheer.

What a joy it was to see Eli! His little scoot is how Hannah maneuvered after her amputation until she finally started walking. He is such a determined little boy.

Thanks for the videos. Such an inspiration.

The Hewetts

Amberghini said...

Love the videos! Eva was watching with me and she cheered for Eli when he reached Clifford again! And GOOOOOOOO! Sophia! She looked so cute! xo!

Stephanie Betts said...

Loved the videos! Praying for Eli and your family....can't wait to see that new wrist in action :)