Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Checked In

Elijah has been admitted to the In Patient unit at the Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport. He is being checked out by everyone today to prepare for surgery tomorrow. His other wrist will be straightened. His surgery time is 10 a.m. because he isn't the youngest one this time having surgery. He's the smallest...but not the youngest. So our morning won't start as early. I guess that's okay except that Eli will be on the NO FOOD diet before the procedure.

Our drive in was going great. We were about 15 minutes from our hotel and the highway became a parking lot for an hour. We decided to try to out smart all of the locals who remained patiently in line on the highway and exited...only to find that the locals knew what we didn't...that was the only way across the water. So, we found a local Chinese restaurant to eat where the employees kept asking in broken English "He all right?" To which I always answer without thinking "YES, he's great!" But they kept coming around to get a good look at him. David and I likely see the event very differently, but my perspective is I wanted to eat in peace and I hate it when people look at my kid like he's "weird." Mind your own business!

Next, we tried again to get to our hotel. We made it...to find that we didn't have reservations. They let us in anyway. Then, Sophia called in tears saying "I beg you to come get me." She's fine, of course. She just skinned her knee and for Sophia that is a BIG deal. Auntie had taken Makayla to dance and Uncle David and Daniel weren't cutting it for her at that minute. Needless to say, I am hoping for smoother going from here on out. I told David, I sure hope they have Elijah on the list for surgery and that I didn't get us here the wrong week. He assured me, we were here at the right time. He was right.

Today, we are in a room with five baby beds with an occupant in one so far. The little Alabama gal has a thumb skin fused to her pointer finger and Elijah's surgeon will be removing the skin and moving her index finger down to be her thumb. She's first tomorrow. It will be good to see her tomorrow after surgery. This procedure will be similar to Eli's next procedure.

Love the Shriner's Hospital. No one looks at us like Elijah is unusual...he's just an extraordinarily great kid. We are good. Elijah is enjoying the new sights. He cringes at the sight of people in scrubs, but that just cannot be helped. Thanks for your prayers!

Love you all,


kojava said...

We will be praying for you all! Let us know how it goes.

Kate said...

Thanks for the update. We are missing Elijah this week! Our staff will meet in the morning for prayer and both Eli & Sophia will be in our prayers. Looking forward to the next update. Sending kisses from the Orange Class!

Anonymous said...

It is good that you make Sophia so happy that she can not stand to be away from you all. I know that is a hurt down deep that nothing nor no one can help by what they say or do. BUT it will pass each time and perhaps get easier to endure. Maybe for her but not for me. I still ache and hurt when I am away from home and the one or ones who love me the most.I am praying or Sophia, Elijah, Melissa and David. I love you all, Grandma Bobbie