Sunday, June 29, 2008

Progress by the handfuls

Elijah is making progress. He desires to experience more. Formerly, he would fold his arms and hands inward as toys would near him. Now, he reaches out and wants to fully enjoy anything he can. He laughs at his sister. She can just do a funny face and Elijah laughs, which of course makes everyone in the room laugh too.

Elijah is requiring frequent feedings overnight, which I hope signifies a growth spurt! But, it means David’s sleep is very disturbed and his days require napping to catch up. That is a strain on our family...especially Sophia.

Sophia and I spent this last week at the Elk River with my sister and her kids, my mom and dad, two of my aunts and their families. We had a blast. It was a great time for Sophia and me to spend quality time together. David and Eli managed the house in our absence and did a fine job.

In the last few months, I’ve found four families who have children similar to Eli. From London to Colorado, the children are doing well as they are much older than Eli. Their parents deeply understand our current struggles and give us hope for the future.

Elijah didn't make the cut for the Little Light House admission this upcoming school year. We are really disappointed by this, but feel certain it is in God's plan that he be home full time another year.

Thank you all for praying for Elijah. He has reached 12.5 pounds this week. He looks chunkier and less bony. Please keep praying:

  • Pray for Elijah to have a giant growth spurt and grow longer and heavier.
  • Pray Eli stays well for his surgery in September.
  • Pray that Eli’s therapy works and his development continues.
  • Pray he begins to say words and communicate with us more clearly.
  • Pray his skin heals and causes him no pain.
  • Pray his elbows stretch to full extension and that the pain involved is limited and tolerable.
  • Pray his legs grow and that his knees straighten in surgery without a problem.
  • Pray that Elijah’s skull and brain grow and develop normally and do not require additional surgery.
  • Pray that Elijah’s hearing and vision continue to improve. We’ve seen miracles here for sure.

Writing all of Elijah’s prayer requests make me realize all we are up against, but we continue to keep a spirit of hope and faith believing that all things are possible. Please pray for David and me to remain hopeful and positive as we face these challenges.

Keep praying for Stacie and Jeff Smith and their sweet Gavin. This week, my Aunt Janet’s (Stacie’s mom) beloved mother passed away. So much sadness for one family. We love you all.

Loving you all!

With gratitude,

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Anonymous said...

Glad you got to get away for a bit and had such a good time. I am keeping up with the Smith's. You guys are a special kind of family.