Wednesday, June 18, 2008

O Elijah, Where Art Thou?

Tonight my family drove down the street to celebrate Father's Day for three fathers, including myself. Since I'm the biggest father in the room, I ate the most.

Elijah made the trip with us, and he did his best to mingle and woo the crowd. He was a little crabby, but for reasons that make us very happy. First of all, his new day nurse, Kim, is doing a great job with him. She got the routine down very quickly, and she's playing with him at all hours of the day. He only got one hour of sleep today, what with all the stretching, peek-a-booing, eating baby food by mouth and just sitting up for hours at a time.

The short and long is, we're enjoying a new phase in Eli's development, where he's able to tolerate all the things we were told to subject him to a year ago. His allergies are under control, he's eating well (holding food in better, for one thing), and he's getting back to a regular sleep schedule at night. So we're putting him through his paces, making him wear the arm braces to improve his elbow and wrist extension (both arms), making him wear his hearing aid, keeping him away from the TV as much as possible, and just basically having FUN with him.

When we got him home after the party, he passed out in minutes. I'm putting one last feeding in his tube, then I'm going to bed as well. I suppose this is what answered prayer feels like.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our little boy. Here are some points you can continue to lift up to Lord Jesus:

- We suspect he might have trouble absorbing food, as a result of his syndrome. We're going to speak with G.I. docs again next week, to see if calcium or iron supplements will help him start gaining weight at a faster rate. Remember, he was 13 pounds before the Jan. skull surgery. He's currently at 11 1/2 lbs. and holding.

- He's suffering a bit this week from a sore mickey button site. I suspect that's partly why he was grumpy tonight. Hopefully it's nothing serious, but that's what the prayer's for, right?

YAWN! It's bedtime, and I may actually get to go to bed! Wish me luck.

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