Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eli makes it to 12 pounds...again

Dear Friends and Family,
Accept my apologies for not updating the blog more frequently. I have to admit that with Elijah every day is different and I wait for the really good days to post my update so as to appropriately color my perspective with a bit of rosy. This evening, Elijah is all smiles. His weight today topped the 12 pound mark again, which is great news. Elijah was switched back to the formula he started at 3 months old that I truly credit with saving his life at that time. From his birth until his GI doctor prescribed the elemental Neocate formula, Elijah starved. He was skin and bones and the photos from then are disturbing. After his GI nightmare the first few months of 08, his GI doc decided it was time to switch him to a more “normal” formula and thus he was on a soy-based product. You might remember how pleased I was at the thought of buying it at Wal Mart...well, we’re back on the UK-import Neocate as a result of his latest GI upset. I am hopeful that the return to Neocate will help Eli gain weight, again.

We have a new nurse who cares for Elijah in our home 5 days a week. She is a gem. Eli already loves her.

I have found another family with an 8-year-old child similar to Eli. They live in London. The father has given me a couple of tips to help Elijah’s bone strength, nutrient absorption and skin. I am looking into implementing his suggestions with Eli. Such a nice element to our journey to have a few we can lean on for tips and deep empathy.

I love you all. I thank God for the role you play in Eli’s life, whatever it may be.

More from me soon.


Angela Stevens said...

Thanks for the update. Eli is a constant part of our daily prayers and praises.


Angela and Nathan

Diane Davies said...

That's great that you found someone who can relate to what you've been going through. Glad to hear Eli's gained weight again, that's awesome!