Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eli is home sweet home, again

Elijah is happily home from the hospital once again. He snuggled right into his own bed and fell asleep within 15 minutes of his arrival. He has such a difficult time sleeping at the hospital. He still has some lingering diarrhea, which we will monitor at home.

Specific Eli prayer requests:
Elijah’s GI bug completely disappear, soon.
Elijah gain weight, blow right past 12 pounds and reach 13 in record time.
Elijah stay well for the next 3 months as we work to beef him up for his surgery in Shreveport.
Pray that Elijah’s hearing and sight continue to improve.
Pray that David and I will make the choices that are best for Elijah’s long-term success.



Amberghini said...

Welcome home, sweet boy! We missed you at your party! It was definitely exciting! :P Praying for you! Love, Amber

Anonymous said...

We will pray for your little miracle boy. I have a 19mo old niece with Rothmund Thompson Syndrome and she has brought our entire family closer together with her love. There is a website for the families with RTS, It is and you can meet others with similar symptoms