Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pray For Elijah's Tummy

It's been yo-yo-esque the past two weeks, as we try to get a correct reading on Elijah's blood lab levels. You'd think it would be a simple thing -- draw some blood, stick in that thing you see on "C.S.I." that spins in a circle, sit at the computer and read off some numbers -- but it turns out, the numbers are different if you draw from the heel versus an IV in the head, and also how long you wait to stick the blood vial in the spinner, and what time zone you're in, and what's the first letter of you're mother's maiden name...

We can't even get a consistent weight. At home he's 10 lb. 13 oz., but today at the pediatrician's office he was 11 lb. 0 oz. For those of you keeping score, neither number is encouraging.

On the positive side, he's still in a good mood, still sleeping well at night, and still taking as much food as we pour down him. So there's definitely a mystery happening here, as we aren't sure whether he's in danger or not. We're going to slowly increase his food amounts, but if we do it too quickly, well, you can just guess how much we'd like to avoid another hospital stay.

PRAY LIKE CRAZY that we find the correct procedure for feeding Elijah, day-in day-out, so that he gains weight, doesn't have any problems absorbing food, keeps all his levels (blood sugar, bi-carb, iron) at appropriate levels, and doesn't dehydrate. We've come too far to move backward now.

Elijah's Shriner's surgery for May has been postponed due to his current nutritional crises. We will have a new date after May 20. We are discouraged by this, but want Elijah to have everything working in his favor for an incident free surgery.

Dave (Daddy)

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Anonymous said...

Prayers have been said and will continue. Mel, if you need anything please remember I am only a phone call away.

Much love to you all,
Cousin Stephanie