Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby is go, I repeat, Baby is go

I'm watching "The Final Countdown" starring Kirk Douglas as the commander of a modern-day aircraft carrier that's sent back in time to the day before Pearl Harbor. It's a ridiculous sci-fi premise, but I must admit I'm totally stoked watching all the strum and drang of our fighting men in battle. Just look at those fighter jets taking off! WHOOSH! I'm such a sucker for that.

Without sounding ridiculously maudlin, my family is going through a battle of its own, and at the moment we're winning. Elijah, of course, is the real soldier in all this. We drew some blood from his skull today, and although he screamed during, he was back to his happy self moments afterward. Cheri, his nurse, and I agree that his tolerance for pain must be exceptionally high. "Great that he has it, sad that he needs it;" Melissa says the same thing about our handicapped parking tag. Anyway, I think he'll make a great Navy SEAL someday. He's already my hero.

We got the results from today's labs, and his levels are all looking great, which is not something we take for granted anymore. He's even starting to gain weight very, very slowly. Now that the wrist surgery in May is postponed, we don't really have any pressing schedule demands that make us have to hurry and bulk him up. It's nothing but eating, playing and watching the Red Sox until the summer's over.

I must admit -- and I think all of you can relate -- that I'm tempted to only focus my energy on prayer and request for your prayers when Elijah is suffering, and when he's not, I tend to forget think about other things. Call it denial or escapism, but when I know he'll soon be back in the operating room, I try to ignore the sense of need and just have fun.

But it's important that I, and all our friends and family, continue to keep Elijah in our prayers. We must ask Jesus to protect him as he faces challenges that no one, let alone a baby, should have to face, but even more importantly at times like tonight, when he's sleeping soundly and I'm watching old movies between feedings, we must say thanks to God for the blessings he's given us. Elijah is God's gift to us, and freedom from pain and illness is God's gift to Elijah, and we praise him for his mercies.

We've modified Elijah's eating schedule slightly, so that I'll start sleeping through the night again very soon. That means you'll have to visit someone else's blog for the kind of esoteric ramblings you expect from Late Night Dave. Just know that we continue to need and appreciate your support, and that little Elijah is enjoying a rare season of peace and quiet. Thank God for small favors.


P.S. This post's title is an homage to "Thunderbirds Are Go," another classic military drama. Except instead of aircraft carriers and Kirk Douglas, they had space rockets and marionettes. Same song, different verse.

P.P.S. I've got to get out more.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the update! Thanks David. How about a recent family picture?

Mary HH