Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bright eyes

Today, Elijah had his blood work done and he was “normal.” This is very good news for his little body. He is still hanging in the 11 pound area, which is about 1.5 pounds less than his January weight, but the docs tell us not to worry about that right now. Easier said than done, but we are trying.

His eyes are bright and his smile contagious and that’s how we like it. For now, we continue to wait for Eli’s next surgery schedule.

Thank you for your prayers. Elijah is sporting an annoying runny nose and hoarse throat so please add that to your list for our guy. Such simple things can have a devastating impact for him. Pray it moves on our swiftly with no complications.


P.S. Special thanks for recent acts of kindness to these precious people in our lives (I hate to make a list because it could go on forever, but here’s just a few from the last week or so): Aunt Nina, Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Marvin, Salt Jones, the Van Meters and Nellie Kelly. We love you all (listed and unlisted)!

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Anonymous said...

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