Thursday, June 18, 2009

Help Eli win a playset

So, this is a shameless plea for Eli's fun. Rainbow, a premiere maker of backyard play sets, is having a drawing where they are giving away a play set every week. I want Eli to win one! So, here's my plea: sign up for the drawing and then gift the play set to Eli.

Since having my extraordinary son, the concept of "odds" and "rare" are very different to me. I believe Eli will win one of these sets. If I could plead his case with Rainbow, I'm sure he would win, but since we have to play the drawing game, he needs as many people to enter on his behalf as are willing. So, follow this link and enter, then when you win, gift the prize to your favorite extraordinary kid: Eli!

Just a reminder: Eli LOVES being outside. It is his absolute favorite place to be. He enjoys Sophia's play set, but it is small...big enough for Eli, but not big enough for his caregivers. Plus, I want Eli to have many options for fun on the play set, which he will get with one of these sets.

I love you all!


Grandma Bobbie said...

You are correct, as usual!!
And remember, it is for ELIJAH.
Melissa says we are going to WIN one of these play systems and they are awesome. I may take Eli for a ride myself. After all I promised Jason I would jump out of an airplane with him ! ! !

Amy said...

My registration is in! Get ready to win!


Lora L Roberts said...

I registered and if we win Mr. Eli can have it. Also, you know Jeremy got his nice, big playset from Make a wish and Eli would qualify. You can go to the Make a wish and do refer a child it doesn't take that long. They do require physican approval that the child is medically fragile but Dr. Cyrus of course filled ours out no problem. We met w/ Make a wish in winter and he got his playset in spring over spring break.