Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Annoying Eli

David and Elijah made a Shreveport trip Monday and Tuesday to have Eli's cast removed and his arm x-rayed to make sure the break is healed. It is. We were told to be careful and keep the soft splint on as much as possible as the break is likely not 100% like new just yet. Eli is relieved to have the cast off. He has found the pure joy of playing in you can see in the Elk River pics and post. For a while, we won't have to wrap an arm for him to enjoy some H2O. We'll all like that.

Clearly, you have noticed I discovered You'll see the occasional slide show from me as a result. In fact, I'll be posting the events of June 21 soon--Sophia's 7th birthday.

I always shy away from using the "EST" words in my Eli vocabulary because there are just so many things that qualify as the "EST." But if I were going to use "EST" words, I would say that one of the hardEST things I have to do is see children who are Elijah's age (or younger and bigger). I want healthy babies for all. I in no way wish that a child had an extraordinary challenge, but seeing plain kids makes me realize how small Eli is. How he should be able to do so much more than his body allows. It makes me so sad for my sweet boy. But, I know he has motivation. He wants to walk! And he will, just years later than we'd all like.

I took Sophia to the Jonas Brothers concert here in Tulsa on Monday. It was great. She loved it. During the show, one of the Brothers did a plug for juvenile diabetes funding as he has diabetes. Sophia leaned over to me and said, "Eli has diabetes doesn't he?" I said, "no, Eli doesn't have diabetes."

David and I never set Sophia down and explained how her baby boy is different. I think eventually I should discuss it with her. I'll likely let her be the guide on when is the right time. Before Elijah's birth, I was the ultimate planner. Since, I've chilled a bit. Life is unpredictable, but God calls the shots and I have no control.

Sophia LOVES Eli so much. She is his magnet. He goes right to where she is and wants to touch her. She told me yesterday it was getting annoying. I just laughed with delight because I think baby brothers should annoy their big sisters. Keep it up, Eli!

I love you all,

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