Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rolling around

I am excited to share with you some of Elijah’s recent milestones. He has figured out how to roll over. He’s best going from his tummy to his back as long as his arms are positioned correctly. He puts on a real show and expects applause after each performance. He has also taken to eating baby food. A real feat for a child who used to gag at the mere sight of a spoon headed for his mouth. He is babbling new sounds and is generally feeling better (except for those pesky allergies David mentions below). We don’t judge Elijah’s progress according to traditional measures that would put a child rolling over at 3 months and eating baby food at 6 months. Elijah is on his own schedule, which is fine by his very loud and very patient cheering section.

Please pray for Elijah’s nights. This longstanding issue for us has reared it’s ugly head again. With Eli’s allergies, he is having more difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, which keeps the rest of the Ramirezes in the same boat. David is sometimes up all night and then up all day getting Eli to and from appointments then he crashes when I get home from work for a few hours. It is rough on all of us.

Special shout out to my cousin Tony Cooper who is coordinating a fundraiser for Elijah in LA. We are touched by his generosity and willingness to help our big guy. Thanks, Tony!

I love you all...even those I do not know. Thanks for your support!

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