Friday, May 2, 2008

Picture Time 4 of 4 - Left to Right

He's suspicious of you. Just kidding. But not really. Look at how he uses those hands. Now that he's out of the hospital for good -- we are NOT expecting further "gut trauma" problems -- we can finally get back to strengthening and straightening his wrists and elbows. In the meantime, he is using all the muscles at his disposal -- arms, legs, tummy, fingers, even the tongue -- to grab and hold onto what he wants.

Please pray that we'll be able to move forward with the wrist surgeries sometime this summer. It was supposed to be in May, and more delays are not welcome.

This week's contests: Correctly identify Elijah's eye color. Winner will receive my appreciation, right after they tell me what it is. The whole spectrum is in there, honestly.

See how he's gazing at his father with unending devotion and gratitude? Actually, he's trying to say, "You took my money. I know it, you know it. Be prepared for payback, old man."

He loves to suck in his lips. I know some of you have expressed concern at seeing me hold him upside-down for extended periods of time, but he adores it, so get over it. The audiologists say the CT-scans reveal an underdeveloped vestibular system, which is responsible for balance and orientation, so their recommendation was to play a little bit more rough-and-tumble with him, to really give him a sense of movement. And since he can only throw up through his feeding tube, I really toss him around with gusto. (No shaking, ever. We are trained acrobats.)

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Stacie said...


I'm LOVING your commentary. I see that no amount of lost sleep can contain that sense of humor. Keep it coming!! I've been in need of a good smile.