Monday, May 26, 2008

Eli makes it to 12 pounds

Elijah made it to twelve pounds...then he contracted another GI nightmare from his loving big sister. He has diarrhea. It has been lingering since Friday. We’re trying to keep him from needing IV fluids, but as it continues I know the threat becomes greater. We love having Elijah home, away from the pokes and sticks of a hospital stay. Please pray he can stay hydrated!

Sophia recovered from her bout with the nasty bug, but not in time to make a good showing at her Kindergarten graduation, which was no fun. Elijah saw Dr. Hollister last week at the Shriner’s Hospital in Shreveport. She scheduled his wrist/arm surgery for Sept. 3. Unfortunately, she’s decided one arm/wrist at a time rather than both at the same time as per our previous arrangement. She feels like Eli needs at least three more months of recovering from his last GI issue. We are praying his current “issue” is far less debilitating than the last.

Please don’t take for granted the good health of your children. I remember standing in line at a pharmacy not long ago listening to a mother angrily reprimand her elementary-age son as he skipped from one dark square on the floor to the next dark square.

I couldn’t help but imagine what I will do when Elijah skips from dark square to dark square. I will squeal with joy. I will skip with him. I will cheer him on. It is my heart’s desire that he skip!

On the way to Shreveport this last trip David says to me, “I find myself kissing Elijah’s feet more and more.” I admitted the same feelings of fondness for his sweet feet. The daunting possibility of amputation makes us heart sick.

I visited with my Aunt Janet this weekend. She is the loving grandmother to sweet Gavin in Dallas fighting brain cancer. We marvel at the trials in our family. The obstacles that seem so giant. The horrific news we’ve endured. Please keep praying for Gavin and his family.

Another special thanks to my cousin Tony and his dear with Chery for their fundraiser on behalf of Elijah in Los Angeles. You have a special place in my heart.

For those of you local, please come to my Spa Party this Saturday, May 31 at 10:30 a.m. I’d love to have you.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for Eli. He is a fragile little guy.

With love and appreciation,

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Angela Stevens said...

Congrats on making it to 12 pounds. I totally understand what you said concerning the skipping little bundle of energy you encountered, and I am right there with you on the seeing the blessings in what most people take for granted.