Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eli's making himself known at SFH

Elijah nearly escaped hospitalization...which means he is in the hospital this evening.

He was admitted last night with the idea of giving him a bag or two of IV fluid, but they couldn’t get the IV in the baby’s vein, so he didn’t get the IV of fluid...but he remains in the hospital. Go figure.

Although they are not doing anything to him that we wouldn’t do at home...except wake him for vitals, stick him several times to attempt an IV placement and insist on a clear liquid diet...he is still in the hospital. I sound sarcastic, I know, but the whole situation seems so ridiculous. David was in the shower today when the Intensivist made his rounds on the floor where Eli is. The doc told the nurse he would return after he finished his rounds and ate his’s nearly 8 p.m. and he hasn’t been back. I’m not complaining...or maybe I should just admit that this one time, I actually am complaining and I think I’ve earned the right. Or, at least, David and Eli have earned the right that I am using.

Hopefully Elijah’s bowels will return to normal and he can come home quickly. Thanks for your prayers and love.


P.S. The Spa Party is still on for this Saturday at 10:30 at my home. Don’t think I’m horrible for not canceling, but David’s given me permission to have this indulgence, plus, I’m doing it on behalf of my sweet Eli. : )

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Amberghini said...

I'll be at the party, but I'm not coming early just to love on you! Hang in there! xo! Amber