Sunday, February 10, 2008

Score Four

Elijah has two more teeth to add to his current score of two. He has two additional nearly through, which would put him at SIX. I’m guessing this may attribute to his sometimes foul mood, I know it would pretty much send me over the edge having teeth popping in right and left especially since the only thing he really likes in his mouth is his own pacifier. I’m loving it. Photos to come, I promise.

So far, so good on the throwing up. He still gets hot and cranky, but we regulate that with our thermostat. Elijah is back to having medical appointments this week, which will keep David busy. Eli still is not sleeping through the night again. A real drag on David.

Eli babbles even more and does things with his feet that amaze me. A real trooper!

Thanks for your prayers. May you each have a wonderful week ahead.
Melissa Ramirez

1 comment:

Stacie said...

It's so cute when they have that snaggle-tooth smile!

What a miracle to hear that he's doing so much better keeping his food in. A pleasant side effect to that surgery. Hooray, hooray! Let the weight gain soar now!