Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Elijah's Balance

Eli's chemicals are starting to balance out again. His Sodium Bicarbonate tested at an 8 on Friday (normal is 20-24) and today he is at 18, a great improvement. He is still fighting the c. diff bacteria. Please pray that the good bacteria in his intestine are able to get the bad bacteria back in check quickly.

Elijah is still in the hospital and the idea of us going home really isn't yet being discussed. Elijah is eating a mixture of 3/4 his formula with 1/4 pedialyte at a very slow rate along with his IV fluids. His intestine is giving him fits and causing lots of discomfort for our little guy.

He is late for his check up with his skull surgeon in Oklahoma City. I'll likely be rescheduling again as the physician only sees patients on Thursdays. It's been interesting for me to try to stay in front of all of Elijah's scheduled appointments to get them cancelled as the days tick by and he remains in the hospital. Elijah is one of the busiest babies!

David remains on the night shift with my mother and me juggling days and my job. My sister and friend Marjorie are helping keep Sophia a sense of normalcy through these weeks. She is a real trooper!

Thank you for remembering Eli in your daily prayers. I miss his usual smile and giggle. I really want him to feel good again.

David and I are weary, but we carry on.



Nathan and Angela Stevens said...

I am glad he seems to be balancing out a bit. You all are in our continued prayers. Press On. God is with you.

Karen Jones said...

Lord, please lift up Elijah and all his family in these trying times to you to comfort Elijah from the pain and his family from the exhaustion that comes along with a ill loved one.
Thank you father for all you are doing to make sure Elijah will have a speedy recovery in advance. Thank you for also giving great parents who love and care for him dearly.

May God bless each of you.
With Sisterly Love,
Karen Jones

Nadra said...

We continue to pray for Eli...but also for you guys. I can't imagine how tired and emotionally drained you must be. God is amazing and He is with you constantly. Praying for strength for you, David and Sophia...and praying for healing for Eli.

Nadra, Charlie and Ian Conner

Diana & Michael said...

We pray that Elijah receives peace, comfort and healing from Jehovah-Rophe, The LORD Who Heals. May He be your Strong Tower throughout this trial.

With love,
Diana, Michael, Linnea & Laurel