Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hopes of going home postponed

The physicians had shown us the light at the end of this tunnel, but last night it was again darkened. Elijah dehydrated, again. He has lost 1.5 pounds and looks really thin and fragile. He reminds me of when he was 3 months old before we discovered his severe milk allergy. His bones are far more pronounced than I would like. He remains in the hospital and our hospital routine is becoming very difficult on the family.

To all of you who have helped us in such important ways through these 16 (and counting) days, thank you. For your prayers, for the food, for the gifts, for the visits, for help with Sophia, thank you. All of your kindnesses did not go unnoticed amidst our crises and we are deeply grateful for each one. It truly takes a village to raise Elijah and we’re so glad each one of you are a part.

Please continue to pray that Elijah will get hydrated and stay that way! His tiny body so quickly depletes of its nourishment.

With love,


Anonymous said...

Praying faithfully.

Mary Nichols

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramirez family,

We are still praying for you all daily. I am praying for healing, and a continual sense of peace and rejuvenation that only comes from the power of Christ! I all too much understand the struggle of being in the hospital and trying to maintain, but God has always been our rock in those times and I know He is your rock, too.

Please post again soon. I check daily to see how your family is doing.

Angela Stevens

Anonymous said...

Dear Loved Ones,
We are in constant prayer for you all. You are on all the prayer lists we are involved with. People ask continuously about you. I haven't called, but know I talk to Granna or Grandma Bobbie daily. Jason is quite anxious also. He has written about Eli in his letters. We will see him next weekend and really be able to catch him up. Looking forward to giving him good news about Eli. We love you all. I'm so proud of "Sofea" :-) for understanding her sounds. Give her a big hug and kiss for me. Take care of yourselves. You are all precious to us.
Love to all.