Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eli has teeth

Elijah’s recovery from surgery continues. He is smiling and laughing and his incision (from ear to ear across the top of his head) is healing nicely.

The Ramirezes are struggling this week because our trusted nurse is down for the count with a nasty bug. Elijah hasn’t resumed his all-night sleeping again since his surgery so David is a bit weary. All things considered, we are doing very well.

Eli has two very showy teeth now on the lower level. I just love those teeth! We take nothing for granted at our house. Even the smallest of achievements are celebrated with joy.

With gratitude and love,
Melissa Ramirez


Mary said...

You are very blessed to see the importance of recognizing the smallest of achievements! Makes me take a step back. Thank you for sharing all that you do with the rest of us. I think of you daily.

Doyle Pryor said...

David and Melissa, May God bless you and give you strength. May you celebrate each victory and may you have so many victories to celebrate that you have to remind each other to celebrate each one. I am praying for you.

Doyle Pryor

Stacie said...

I know these milestones are met with pure joy in your household. Congratulations!!! Much love from Texas.

Anonymous said...

How funny you posted this comment today about Eli's teeth as my Emery lost another one of hers! The tooth fairy was VERY generous last night! I know if you are celebrating Eli's teeth now, you certainly will be celebrating when he startss loosing them :)! Praying for many more teeth and he will be using them soon! - Lynda Thackerson