Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sophia Vids!

Our little girl is doing a lot of performing these days. Here are two videos, the first from her recent Veterans Day program at her elementary school, and the second just last night with her Jenks Dance Academy class. Sophia is in the Superstars class, which means she sang the music she was dancing to! (To which she was dancing...)

Some of you already know the story of how Sophia saw "Wicked" last week. The week before, she went to see her voice teacher, Miss Missy, to show off her performance of "Popular" from the musical "Wicked." Missy asked if Sophia was going to the Tulsa PAC to see the show, and I regretted to inform that the tickets were just too expensive and none left close to the stage. Missy told me how another student of hers won a lottery before the performance, and that they might be holding one again.

I called the box office the night of the first performance, and they told me to be at the coat check window at 5:00. I arrived, put my name in a hat, and waited until 5:30 for the drawing. They called my name, and I got two tickets for that night's performance! Sophia was one block away at Tulsa First Baptist for GA's (Girls in Action to you non-Baptists), but I had to drive to Sapulpa and get her a nice dress, then come back and tell her the surprise. She couldn't believe it when her mom broke the news (over the phone). The show started at 7:30, and we both loved it.

Melissa had already seen the show with some of my family members, so it was a date night with Dad and daughter. I had deliberately not listened to the musical because I wanted to be surprised by any plot points that were different from the novel, and the only song Sophia knew was "Popular." When Galinda started singing that song, Sophia grabbed my arm and squeeled. That pretty much sums up the evening. :)

Good things are happening!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sophie! So neat for her too to go see the musical.Thinking of Eli and hoping he is all better now.

LAB said...

Isn't it a great show? So glad you had such a memorable evening! I still remember my first musical at the Civic Center ("Annie")!

Amberghini said...

I may have squealed myself when we saw Wicked! So fun for her!!!