Saturday, November 20, 2010

Halloween Pics (nd medical updates)

Pray for Elijah on Monday, Nov. 22 as we head back to Oklahoma City to get fitted with even more advanced prosthetic limbs. We are working with Jonathan Day, the only prostheticist in the state who has any experience with bi-lateral amputees, and he is the very nicest guy.

We're getting stronger glasses for a newfound astigmatism, but we kind of suspected that would happen eventually. In the meantime, we were please to see how well his eyes are tracking, and anyone who spends time with him knows he's seeing so much these days. The dentist also gave both kids thumbs-up on their oral health, and I'm pretty sure all four of us are done (for the moment) with sinus and ear infections. But do please keep praying for the Ramirezes.

Now for some HALLOWEEN PICS!

Look for:
Sophia as the Red Queen
Elijah as a Puppy Dog
The Grandkids with Great-Grammie
Eli meets Thomas the Tank Engine!

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