Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eli's Better!

I'll be brief...

Last night, we took Eli to the hospital with 104 temp. X-rays confirmed he had pnemonia in his right lung. We came home and took two doses of antibiotic, one last night and one this morning. Today he was feeling MUCH BETTER. We played on the floor, we laughed and talked and rough-housed, and then he went to see his Grammie. Meanwhile at home, a nurse from the ER called to say Eli's blood culture was positive, and the recommended we come see them ASAP. We got there and learned that ASAP means "as slowly as possible." Two hours later, our favorite triage doc comes in and says that his blood probably just has some residual bacterium, and that the antibiotic he's on is probably wiping it out. More importantly, the fever's gone, he's eating all his food, he's in a great mood, and that's that! We came home, and he's still doing great.

I told Melissa I felt like the trip was a waste of time, but she's convinced that after she told ALL OF YOU GUYS that he was potentially in danger, all your prayers healed him before we could return to the ER. I agreed that's she's probably right, so now I'm thanking you for doing your part. Be on the lookout for the next time we ring the Bat-Phone.

Good night! Pray we get some sleep 'round here!

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