Monday, December 21, 2009

Casting Stone

So, I've been embracing this idea that I would enter Jan. 5 with a sculpture of my son's feet. Some may think it morbid, but I just wanted a lasting memory...for his future. So, I bought a do-it-yourself kit that included two tries. The company automatically sent me a third try...that's when I realized their "make it look simple" video must have been a bit deceiving. So, I tried. First one, complete disaster as the mold became too hard too quickly and I didn't even get Eli's foot in it. To the trash. Next one, I made the mold with some difficulty and filled it with the stone mixture. Eli's foot has such a turn to it that I didn't get the stone into the toes of his mold. So, it's almost perfect, but less than what I had hoped for. I just did the final try...have to wait 24 hours to see how I did, but I won't be taking this up as my new career.

Does anyone know of someone who does this professionally in the Tulsa area? I'd love to just find the expert and ensure I have the memory. Help?



Christa said...

Some of the PICU nurses are really good at that. I know you've spent some time there, so maybe, if you don't find a friend who is good at it, they could help?

Hewett Happenings said...

We didn't do the complete molds of Hannah's feet, but I did do the imprints in plaster and ink. They didn't turn out the greatest, but she will have them if and when she is ready. Also, make sure you take good pics of his legs/feet. Hannah will look at hers from time-to-time.

Hang in there. Praying for your family!

kelly said...

I'm not sure about the casting (although I think the idea is GREAT), but I would be more than willing to take some sweet pictures of those little feet if you are interested and have time.

Praying for your little man!!

Susie said...

David and Melissa, we are thinking about you and praying for you and Eli. Hope he has a happy birthday tomorrow, and a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

Amberghini said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We have molds of both of our kids feet! I'll get you the number. She's in BA. xo!