Monday, December 28, 2009

Elijah Walks! God is Cool!

Sometimes it's easy to forget--even for me and Melissa--that Elijah is 3 years old and not a little baby. But this video proves, once and for all, that he is developing better than we ever dared to hope, both physically and mentally:

THAT'S RIGHT. Today... for the first time... Elijah walked upright on his own. His Grandpa Ken built the pipe frame, and it's a pretty impressive feat of engineering. It's the EXACT right height for Eli to stand and rest his arms on the top of the frame, then slide underneath him as he walks forward. This was not even on my radar today when Ken brought the frame by the house. Elijah walked today for the first time. I feel like our faith has been rewarded just when we needed it most. Ken, thank you very much.

Be sure to read Melissa's recent account of Elijah's dramatic birth three years ago this month, then watch this video to see how far we've come. God bless you!

Finally, the Prayer Book we put together for Melissa's present was a huge success. I received several from the mailman, and I put those in a scrapbook (thanks, Lori Reed) along with the ones I printed from e-mail. If you'd like to say a prayer for Elijah before the big surgery on Jan. 5, e-mail me or post it here, and we'll included it in the book. (If I sent you an invite to participate, and you didn't get it, I messed up your e-mail address. Sorry 'bout that.)


Miss Kate said...


what great videos...what a great grandpa...what a great kid

love you all!

Emily Kaye said...

What an amazing God we have to give us a gift like Eli! I loved these videos and miss you all already! Much love and kisses!

Miss Amy said...

YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! MR. ELIJAH RAMIREZ you are AWESOME!! Can't wait to see you!! xoxo!!
Love, Miss Amy!

Susie said...

GO ELI!! You are an amazing little guy. It is so inspiring to see your list of accomplishments growing longer every day!

Anonymous said...

I am Leveta again reading from Nadra's blog and praying for Eli and his upcoming surjury.What a testimony to the Lord and the hard work of Eli,his family,and all the others who work with him--seeing how far he has come.

Amy said...

I am awestruck! Eli, you are amazing. God is so good.

Love you all!

Laurie said...

Absolutely amazing! Wishing you all lots of love and more courage for this upcoming step in your journey. Eli is truly a blessing! My little girl with RTS views your webpage with me and has fallen for Eli...God bless!
Laurie & Shauna

Anonymous said...

I met Melisa 20 years ago, when I lived at her cousin's Amy as a foreign student.
Just wanted to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are and AMAZING family and wish for you all the best.
... I'll pray in Spanish, just in case God doesn't understand English!! ;)
Tons of hugs from Spain.
With love,

Angie said...

Amazing! When my daughter had her major heart surgery, I was instructed to ask the assistance in prayer of the Prophet Elijah. How perfect. I pass on his Troparion and my prayer to you.

Troparion (Song for Prophet Elijah)
An angel in the flesh and the cornerstone of the prophets,
the second forerunner of the coming of Christ,
Glorious Elijah sent grace from on high to Elisha,
to dispel diseases and to cleanse lepers.
Therefore, he pours forth healings on those who honor him.

Prophet Elijah, pray to God for us and especially His servant Eli, granting him strength and courage, release from pain, and restoration to health and vigor. Through the prayers of all the saints.

Bobbie said...

I can't stop watching the videos. You are an inspiration to us all and to GOD BE THE GLORY. How can I thank you. Loving you and praying for special blessings in the days to follow. A Happy New Year !!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a prayer request on mckmama's blog. I will be in prayer for your family and sweet Elijah this next week. On a previous entry you posted about trying to make casts of his feet. If you haven't been successful in locating someone to do it for you, I highly recommend Patty Cakes. I did a search and they have a consultant in Tulsa. I had impressions made of all three of my children's hands and feet by a consultant in AL and they are priceless.


Melissa said...


Your cousin Amy was my stepsister in the 1970's. We've recently reconnected and she told me about your precious child. Please know that my family will be praying for him and for all of you. I teach at a Catholic school and will also have my second graders pray for him daily.

May God Bless You,

Melissa Loney Macchia