Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pineapple Pear

Elijah enjoys eating (by mouth) pineapple pear baby food. So far it's the only thing he opens his mouth up for a second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth bite...sometimes even more. Just tickles me pink. We maintain our technique of putting a jar of baby food in every bottle we feed through his tube. We also try at least once a day to feed Eli the baby food before we add it to the bottle. Twice, he's chowed on pineapple pears. This is a HUGE accomplishment. He isn't gagging or spitting it out. He actually eats. Now, I know we have a really long way to go to have him eating 100% by mouth, but that is the goal and we will achieve.

I've been admiring Eli's feet today right alongside visions of him running. I know I cannot have both and my choice is definitely running. I believe Eli would make the same choice if he were older.

Pray for grandma Bobbie. She is really sick again. The picture is gma Bobbie and Eli last weekend watching Cars...Eli's favorite movie. He can actually do McQueen's ka-chow and he hollers "Mack, Mack" just before McQueen starts in. And, he can say Lightening. So cute.


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Anonymous said...

Man I love this kid!! It's been awhile since I have peeked on his blog, but now that I am not one of Eli's teachers this year (sadly), I only see him for short periods of time in the day, so I had to get on here & read a bit to get my fill of him :). Eli, I love you little man! You bring joy to me everytime I see you- I especially look forward to when we get to sing and jam a little bit, singing "So good, so good, 'cause I got you, bomp bomp bomp!" ~ Much love, Miss Lindsay