Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eli plays

Eli is enjoying life. Currently watching his favorite movie...Cars! Ka Chow!

We are only six days before Mini Laps closes. If you haven't made your gift, please follow this link to give. Eli has already raised $4,400, so many, many thanks to his fan club for your generous help for a very worthy cause. Donations must be made by September 22.

I cannot wait to show you pictures of Eli making his lap!

Second, if you are in need of something from Pampered Chef, be sure to order on my show before September 22. Click the link below, then click on "shop online" in the lower left corner and enter my name as hostess: Melissa Ramirez. Make sure to check out September's special.

I love you all!

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Amberghini said...

P.S. I totally would have come from Owasso for you, but I was at work that night! Hope everything went well and you got lots of free stuff! xo!