Friday, September 11, 2009

Elijah's next surgery

I spoke today with the care coordinator for Dr. Gates at the Shreveport Shriner's Hospital. She had talked to the good doctor about Eli who said he was intimately aware of Elijah's case and didn't need to see him again before his surgery to amputate his feet. So, with tears running down my cheeks, I scheduled the surgery for early in January. Eli will start a new year with his precious feet removed.

My mom and I are working at growing our faith so that we have an easier time accepting this necessity. I will admit that it is the most difficult decision we've faced thus far...and we've had some really tough decisions. David told me he isn't sure how he'll give consent for this procedure. Part of getting accurate surgeries these days is that you have to tell the nurses exactly what is going to be done...we've done it NINE times...but the tenth won't slide off the tongue as easily.

One of the good things is that we have almost four months before his surgery and those four months will be some of the busiest of the year with the holidays and Eli's third birthday. We have time for peace.

Soon after Eli was born, I told David I wanted to fast forward three years. I wanted to get to Eli's third birthday because my heart thought most of the pain would be healed up by then. I suppose there's still time for that to be the case.

Eli's cast will come off on Tuesday to reveal the greatest thumb in the world. I know you are all waiting for that amazing picture and I promise to deliver it promptly. I won't even get to see it until he returns to Sapulpa Tuesday evening but you can bet Eli's online fan group will be next.

As you pray, please remember:
Safe travels for Eli and daddy to Shreveport and back next week.
A perfectly amazing all ways.
Peace for us as we face Eli's next procedure.
Pray that Eli will not lose even an ounce of his abilities to manuever and get around and do what he wants when his feet are gone. Pray specifically for his ability to balance as he sits and scoots.
Pray for Sophia to have an understanding of the upcoming situation far beyond her years.

I love you all. Your prayers for Elijah mean the world to me. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey.



Anonymous said...

Sending many hugs and prayers your way.


FREDDIE said...

I know this has been a hard decision, but just think what Eli will be able to do with new feet,, they can do so many amazing things with prothesis these days.. he will be able to walk eventually,, run,, won't that be great.