Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Ramirez Surgery without Elijah the Great

David had to have surgery on his back to remove the "whopper" of a piece of back disc that had slipped from its rightful spot. Now, I apologize for not posting about DJR's surgery in advance of the event, which happened on July 14, but for some reason, David insisted that I not. To clarify, he has given permission now for me to post about the event...maybe only because he posted on Facebook about his experience.

Anyway, we're 1.5 weeks post surgery and he is doing very well. David's mom, Anna, has been here to help with Elijah and serve as David's home health nurse. Lifesaver.

Elijah is doing great. Today was his last day of school for a short summer break. Eli has an ear infection and congestion, but once we got him on antibiotic he started feeling much better. Sophia has an ear infection...likely from all of her summer swimming. She's doing better though.

Wishing you all a wonderful upcoming weekend of rest and fun.

Love you all,

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Amberghini said...

I could have brought him pringles to the hospital! Guess he missed out! So glad to hear he is doing well!