Sunday, July 12, 2009

It’s a Small World Mini Laps 2009

Dearest Friends and Family,

The extraordinary Elijah was born December 23, 2006, as a tiny guy with surprises beyond the imagination.

No thumbs. No radius bones. No knee joints. Legs that won’t grow. A skull that won’t expand. A hole in his palate. Sensitive skin. Arms that won’t straighten.

Physicians and specialists looked at us in disbelief — many grasping for a diagnosis and longterm outlook for Elijah’s future. We were forced to become immediate Eli Experts and make lifesaving and life‐changing decisions for our son. We didn’t choose this extraordinary journey, but we’re making it with genuine passion and fierce determination.

Since our journey began 2½ years ago, we’ve been the humble recipients of extraordinary kindness and generosity – from many of you. Thank you.

Today, we write with a simple request, please support Elijah’s “lap” in The Little Light House’s Mini Laps with a financial gift. On September 26, Elijah will take to the track and strut his stuff. How Elijah will go around the track is yet to be electric chair, scooting or wagon...but I can guarantee that he will make his first Mini Lap with pride. Mini Laps is an important fundraiser for The Little Light House, which provides Elijah’s education tuition‐free. The Little Light House is staffed with licensed therapists in all specialties and specially‐trained teachers in each classroom. Eli is in the Orange Class where he learns with nine other extraordinary kids. The teachers and classroom associates are remarkable individuals who have such compassion and care for each child. The therapy Elijah receives is developed through strategy sessions involving all of the disciplines.

We are honored to have Elijah at the Little Light House. Eli was placed on the waiting list at 3 months old — he was accepted just after his second birthday. Eli will remain at the Little Light House until after his sixth birthday. In the four years he will spend at the Little Light House, I can imagine the extraordinary accomplishments he will make.

He will play. He will share. He will speak. He will run. He will thrive. He will amaze.

The Little Light House receives no government funding and no United Way support. The Little Light House is 100% supported through the generous financial gifts from caring individuals like you.

This year, they will invest $26,000 in our sweet Eli. Will you help us give back? I know many deserving charities ask for your support, but this year, will you join us in supporting a Christian school specially designed for extraordinary kids? Kids who didn’t ask to be extraordinary. Kids who need a little more attention – a little more help to reach their very best potential. Kids who will succeed thanks to The Little Light House.

With gratitude and love,
David, Melissa, Sophia and Elijah

P.S. We cannot wait to share with you about Elijah’s successful lap. Watch for an update from us after September 26.

Make your gift online, visit The Little Light House visit, click on donation then Mini Laps. Be sure to reference you are sponsoring Elijah Ramirez.

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Lora L Roberts said...

I love the early and recent picture and that one of him holding the sign to help his school is PRICELESS, totally adorable....