Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home again

Let's see how many blogs I have titled something about being home again. I am sure it is more than I can imagine. We are home yet again and happy for it. Eli remained in pain yesterday, but today seems to be better. He isn't using that arm, which is for the best.

I know most of you think there is no way Eli could actually get any cuter. Drum roll, please!

Isn't he adorable. I picked his glasses up on Monday, but with the drama (and pain) of a broken arm, I didn't introduce them to Eli until today and he's taken to them. He pulled at them at first, but then he's just left them alone. I have to believe it's because he's realized how well he can SEE! The hair is out of control, I know.

In one of the pics you can see the stamped "YES" on his arm. The hospital does that to signify where they are supposed to do surgery. It just cracks me up every time.

Here's an Eli story for the record books. So, the Shriner docs tell me that Eli is deficient in Vitamin D. They planned to give him a load dose while at the hospital and then start Eli on a daily dose. Well, the Shriner's pharmacy isn't used to giving out Vitamin D and they couldn't get their hands on the right item for Eli before our departure yesterday. So, I come home with a prescription to give Eli 100,000 units of Vitamin D as a load dose and then 1,000 a day. I go to the pharmacy to pick up the vitamin and the pharmacist says, "You know that will be 100 pills, right?" Well, of course, I had no idea. I found another bottle that had 2,000 units per pill, which knocked my pill number to give Eli down to 50. So, I get home and count out 50 pills. I start to crush them with a spoon....doesn't work. I throw them in the food processor with some of his formula for about a 30 minute spin and pretty much liquefied the pills and fed them to my son. I know, I know, seems totally odd. I double questioned the doc and the pharmacist called the doc to triple clarify we were all on the same page. I just hope it helps his bones. Doc says because of Eli's chronic skin condition, his body doesn't make Vitamin D. Today, I've found some liquid Vitamin D online, which I will buy for Eli so we don't have to run his meal through the spinner.

Thank you all for thinking about us this week. We've all had better weeks, that is for sure.

Love and gratitude,


Lora L Roberts said...

I LOVE the glasses, he does look absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E !!!!

Emily Kaye said...

First of all...LOVE the glasses! Secondly...LOVE the hair! It just adds to the adorableness of my favorite little boy. Love and hugs to you all!

robynp said...

Love the glasses! When he gets back to school we can do some serious drivers ed!

Anonymous said...

STUDIOUS, I think that is the word I am looking for. Webster says:
"Given to or engaged in study", and that is Elijah with his new glasses. So cute, so serious, so like his father. Who couldn't love him??

Amberghini said...

What did I tell you? I'm in love with the glasses! Little cutie!

Miss Kate said...

Who's a handsome boy?!

Man, I love your kid! See you guys Monday!