Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eli's bump not so extraordinary

So, there is a reason that Elijah gets skilled nursing in the home...make that many reasons, but today, Nurse Melody earned her keep. I told her about the "new" bump on Eli's recently roded arm. I knew she'd take a look at it for me. This afternoon as she was reporting on Eli's day I asked her about that crazy bump. She kindly pointed out to me that he has one very similar on the other arm too. Uh, turns out that Eli's arms each have that bump. The one on the arm with the rod in it is more prominent so I'm not totally nuts, just partially. Don't tell the insurance company that Eli went to the ER for an ordinary bump present on both arms.

This will be confirmed on Monday when the docs in Shreveport confirm the x-ray is fine. I'm happy for this to be nothing. I admit I am really overly cautious with Eli's arm situation since last time he got so terribly ill due to an infection in the arm. I'm sure you all can get a good laugh out of this, as did I, so I'm fine with it, laugh.

David still isn't feeling 100%, although he is better. I am still dragging around keeping up with my duties.

Sophia really, really wants a puppy. She asks about it every day. Today, a friend's mom told Sophia that they give puppies away at the animal shelter. She came in SO excited that the animal shelter was having a sale. She thought we should rush right out to get her a "free" puppy. David and I know there is nothing "free" about a dog you don't have to pay for up front. We'll see. We'd need a very obedient, shed-free companion that wouldn't require frequent visits to the vet...does that even exist?

Here's to ordinary bumps,


Hewett Happenings said...

I had to laugh a little bit (hopefully with you - definitely NOT at you) at this post. I myself know how hard it it to not be concerned over every little thing. With these little guys that go through so much, you just hate to think that there could be something else that they might have to deal with. I am glad to know that the bump wasn't anything serious. Praying the Shreveport docs confirm Nurse Melody, and the ER docs diagnosis.

Glad you are better, and hope David will be 100% soon. I'm assuming that Sophia has continued to dodge it. Way to go Sophia!!

As far as Sophia's desire for a dog, I'm not a big dog expert, but I'm sure you can ask around and find out if in fact that perfect dog does exist. Good luck you your search.

Thanks for the update. Praying for you.


Amberghini said...

Maybe you could get one of those rat looking hairless dogs only a mother could love...or a stuffed animal! Can't wait to hear from Shreveport! xo!

katie said...

I'm so glad about Eli's arm!!

As far as a dog, we have a Yorkie and love him! He's small, he doesn't shed, he's pottytrained, and Phil's trained him to follow commands (one being to take his socks to the dirty clothes...) So, maybe Sophia would like a Yorkie! :) Just an idea.