Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Hamster's demise

I am sad to report that Sophia's pet hamster died yesterday. And, even though the little gal was DOA (dead on arrival) the veterinarian charged us $55 to tell us it was likely an upper respiratory infection. I'm feeling ripped off. David performed hamster compressions on her as she drifted. It was a sad ordeal. The neighbor kids were all over at the start of it. I sent them all outside and they stood on the back porch crying. We will all survive. I'm not sure how long we'll go before we give it another try...likely not as long as I would like.

Elijah is a gem. He uses his little fingers to manipulate objects with better accuracy these days. Yesterday evening we headed to a favorite restaurant, Cafe USA, for dinner with the Groves. Eli sat at the end of the table in a high chair and played with the little packets of creamer. He enjoyed stacking them into the little container. Getting them out and stacking them again. David would add an occasional new element, like sweet n low, and he would get so excited.

He is so much fun to watch.

This weekend his internal clock woke him at 7:30 a.m. I think it's already used to the school routine.

Love you all,

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Anonymous said...

I guess all good things must way or another. So glad she has fore-sight and able to overcome and move on.
And we got such a thrill from watching Eli, pick and sort the tiny envelopes.
I Am embarressed at falling asleep right before everyone. Wonder what that is a sign of. Love you.