Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Grammie

Great Grammie Edna (my mom's mom) will have open heart surgery tomorrow to replace a valve in her heart. Please say special prayers for her. The surgery will be at Medical City hospital in Dallas by experts in the field.

Elijah continues to amaze us. Now he is working at "standing" up on his knees. He's nearly mastered his scoot on his rear and then he discovered he can pop up on his knees to see further and get higher. I envision Elijah walking around on those knees before too long. I hope to need some great knee pads.

We are gearing up for Elijah's next wrist surgery in Shreveport. His corrected wrist serves him very well. He by far favors using that hand for his activities. Soon, he'll have two hands that function the same way and this will help him further advance.

We are setting an appointment with the great Dr. El Amm in OKC to look at Elijah's head. His surgery to open the suture was 13 months ago and it is time for El Amm to reevaluate. Last week, a knot appeared on Elijah's head near his surgery scar. It is odd. It prompted our latest contact with El Amm and the upcoming appointment. Dr. El Amm will also deal with that crazy bubble in Elijah's head that we discovered a few months ago. Dr. El Amm hasn't indicated if he will need to do anything about it...but if it needs to be done, it will be him and his team. So, we have a lot to find out from Dr. El Amm.

We are also introducing fruits and veggies into Elijah's diet. We're sending them straight into his tummy along with his Neocate formula via g-tube. So far, so good. We're hoping this is what he needs to see 16 and beyond on the scale. We are constantly trying to get him to eat by mouth, but it isn't something that interests him in the least.

Eli's prayer requests:
Great Grammie Edna's successful surgery and speedy recovery
(for Eli)
Desire to eat by mouth
Full health leading up to his wrist surgery with NO post-surgical infection
Dr. El Amm's correct assessment and plan for future surgical interventions
Cancer free (okay, I apologize for springing this one on the blog, but with Elijah's gene mishap comes a higher predisposition to cancer and I've decided it's never too early to start praying for cancer free Eli. Plus someone I met via e-world who has RTS ((one of the syndromes associated with the gene mishap Eli has)) died last week from liver cancer. Pray for Victoria's family as they grieve her passing.)
A leg solution with running ability
Pray for Eli's sister, Sophia. That she will know undoubtedly the love poured upon her and that she will not have feelings of jealousy or resentment toward her attention-requiring sweet baby brother.

I love you all!

With extreme gratitude,


Emily Kaye said...
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Emily Kaye said...

DAVID!!! We need video! I know Eli has changed a lot since I last saw him. You can also check out my new blog.

Love you!