Wednesday, August 27, 2008

See Eli Eat

We have a real treat for you today, people. Here's a video of Elijah eating a Gerber Banana Puff. Melissa did zoom out, but she got the shot. Great work, Mel. This is the end of the video; it took the boy about four minutes to lift the puff and push it into his mouth, but he pulled it off. Last night, he was sitting in his high chair, and he leaned down and picked one up. He does NOT care what you think he can or cannot do. He sticks his tongue out at you in defiance. Or hunger. Or both.

CLIP: Eli Eats
- Elijah (boy fixated on banana puff)
- Sophia (narrator)
- Grandma Bobbie (prop)


Emily said...

WOW!!!! What a blessing! It brought tears to my eyes to see him holding and then eating the puff...but also to hear the joy in all the voices of his loved ones surrounding him and supporting him! How blessed we are! Sophia sounds like she should look into tv broadcasting when she grows up. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! Lots of Love - Emily

Anonymous said...

I love the part where he licks his lip!!! Awesome! God is good!