Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did someone say 15 POUNDS?

You may have noticed some sudden changes in our blog. I have to admit that I deleted our last two entries. They were okay for the most part, but I just didn’t feel good about my entry and I told David to post over me and get things right and I think he made it worse. Anyway, please excuse our weird-ness today.

I have to tell you that Elijah is doing better than ever before. He had a bout of MRSA staph infection on his skin and he fought it off and it didn’t turn into anything worse. I had that sinking feeling that a hospitalization was on his horizon…any time you say the word MRSA I auto-think: hospital. Thankfully, Eli did great and he is over it, which, of course, is a very good thing considering his next surgery is on September 3…only two weeks away.

I think my dad put it best last night when he said, “I’m getting so excited for Eli.” You see, this surgery will be one that will help Eli’s ability to do stuff. His wrist will not be so floppy, which will make him able to use his muscle to move his hand rather than to move his wrist. You would be so impressed to see Eli make the absolute best of what he has right now. But I am thrilled that we can give him more resources to accomplish whatever it is he wants to do: shake a rattle, stick a pacifier in his mouth or scratch his head.

PLUS, THE BEST NEWS OF MY DAY! ELIJAH WEIGHS 15 POUNDS!!!!!!! He literally blew through the 14s. I know my kid and he might fall back below 15 for a week or so, but to even see 15 on the scale is a HUGE accomplishment for his little body, which is pumping so hard to grow, grow, grow. Please keep praying that Eli will grow in length and weight.

Honestly, I am not worried about the surgery in Shreveport at this time. I know it will creep in as the days count down, but Elijah has survived so much and fought so hard, I expect this upcoming surgery will be no different. Please pray for Eli to have a quick and easy recovery as well as remarkable results!

We took Elijah to church on Sunday and we were able to stay to the very end. It cracked me up to hear Eli say "da da da" right in the middle of the sermon. David swore he said da da the other day, but wouldn't do it again for me. I'm counting the church da da though! Yay Eli!

Sophia started first grade on Wednesday. Special shout out to the Grahams for providing her school supplies. Thank you!

To a fabulous week for all!


Lora L Roberts said...

I thought your post were great, they were honest in what you are feeling. I'm so excited that Eli is 15 pounds, that is great. I remember each time Jeremy would gain weight.

Diane Davies said...

I understand why you wrote the post and why you took it off. Hopefully, just writing it down was therapeutic for you! YEAAAHH - 15 lbs!! Believe me I KNOW what a struggle that was to get there. Kaitlyn didn't even break the 15 lb mark on her 2nd bday. Yes, we need to do dinner but I believe it's our turn to host. Don't think we'll make it before time for Eli's surgery though, so once you all are back and thing are back to "normal" for you, let's plan it. I'll be praying for Eli and you all for the upcoming surgery.