Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today, I write to share great news, great news indeed!

Elijah Ramirez can hear unaided. HE CAN HEAR!

Today, Elijah had an ABR test done to determine his hearing abilities. He was put to sleep with an oral sedation medication. Then, sound was piped into his ears and electrodes measured his brain’s response. Eli’s results were awesome! His right ear is normal and his left ear has minimal loss. I cannot describe to you our joy! Eli deserves this miracle! I’ve included Eli’s hearing on every prayer request I’ve made even though doctors and therapists told me that your hearing is as good as it gets at birth. It may get worse, but it won’t improve, they say. They are wrong.

Elijah originally failed his newborn hearing screening in the hospital the day before his discharge. He failed his first ABR a month later at the ENT’s office. He was then diagnosed with mixed (conductive and sensorineural...the only two kinds) hearing loss in both ears. We were devastated! He was fitted with a bone conduction hearing aid. He hated it. It is no more!

Even more good news on the Eli front. Yesterday, he sat, unassisted, in his bath water playing with his new bath toys for FIVE minutes. The photo with this post is of Elijah sitting on our kitchen counter (don’t worry, helpful hands were nearby although cropped from the photo).

Elijah is thriving! His surgery is less than one month away to correct one or maybe both wrists at the Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for continuing to remember sweet Eli in your prayers.

Love you all!


Mark, Fiona, William & Karen said...

That is truly wonderful news! We are so happy for Eli and will continue to pray for more miracles.
God's blessings,

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news! I am so excited for Elijah! God is awesome!

Amy Ball

Angela Stevens said...

All Right! I am rejoicing in God's ability to turn it around and in Eli's good news!

Angela Stevens

Kate Z. said...

Yay! I am loving the blog updates! It is so fun to see a picture of little Eli sitting unsupported!!! Praise God for the wonderful results of the ABR...how nice to have such great test results! Continued prayers for good health and weight gain as he prepares for surgery!!

Anonymous said...

I see the results and continue to pray God's blessings on Eli and your family. I think about you daily even though you don't hear from me. You and David are a true testiment to God's power!


Stacie said...

Funny enough -- Gavin had an ABR on the same day!! We're praying for improved hearing, although they continue to tell us that his hearing will likely deteriorate further. Eli's hearing is more inspiration to me that Gavin's can improve as well.

What wonderful news! And he looks so cute sitting up. Thanks for sharing!


Diane Davies said...

Hmmmmm . . . I thought I already left a comment on this one. Oh well - it's fantastic news! I'm sure this will not be a big deal to you all but I've left an award for you on my blog. I don't expect you all to pass it on but like I said in my post - You all do deserve an award for being awesome parents. Elijah doesn't realize yet how blessed he is to be in your family - oh but he will!

Shawn said...

Praise God! That is Great News!

Angie Laubach

aimeenky said...

Wow, awesome news! What a complete answer to faithful prayers. I'm sure Elijah has many more miracles, big and small, in his future!

Emily said...

Elijah looks awesome and I am so happy (not even an expressive enough word) to hear all the wonderful news on the Ramirez front! Our family is so blessed to be a part of your lives and to watch Elijah grow into such an incredible little man! You are all in my prayers and I look forward to more posts and more pics! Hugs and Kisses to everyone!


Lea said...

That's excellent news. Just want you to know that I am praying for Eli and your entire family.

Ordinary Mom said...

I am so happy to read the good news! I am a friend of Stacie's and found your blog via hers. I check it periodically to see how things are going! Take Care

Andrea H.