Monday, August 2, 2010

"How Is Elijah Doing?" You Ask

From the desk of David:

Thank you so much for all the prayers and encouraging words on Elijah's behalf. I cannot drive to the perimeter of my neighborhood without someone waving me down to ask, "Is Elijah doing well after his surgery last week?" I continue to believe your prayers are being heard and answered on a daily basis, so keep them coming.

Honestly, it's been a rough few weeks, although the most important thing is this: Eli really is doing very, very well. His sleep schedule is a mess, as always happens after a major surgery, part of a package deal including a grueling road trip to Shreveport and pain medicine that affects his sleep and digestion. But if you ask him if it's affecting him, he'd look at you like you're crazy. He's sitting up for long stretches of time, playing loud and hard with all manner of toys. He's eating nicely, and we've been able to reduce his dosage of pain med significantly since we returned.

Even though he's doing great and playing hard, he has his moments. The day mostly looks like this: Wake up, play super hard, then feel worn out in the afternoon and need a 3 or 4-hour nap. Wake up again, play super hard until well after midnight, then crash again. It's tempting to leave him off the pain med for longer and longer periods, but we're always surprised by how swiftly he begins to feel discomfort after having seemed unaffected for hours. Many of you know what that roller coaster is like, so you can only imagine what it feels like when you're a 3-year-old.

Please continue to pray for Eli!

--- The Dad

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Miss Amy said...

I was going to ask of fb then decided to check the blog out! Glad he is doing ok! still praying!!