Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eli's new legs

I know, I know, the wait has been too long. Here's a photo of one of the new legs.

The only reason I was able to snap this photo is because the splint fell right off.

At the Shriner's Hospital, Elijah's splints were removed and x-rays taken. The x-ray showed that the bone needed more time to fully set so after molds for prosthetics were made, new splints were set. Less than 24 hours later, one of the splints slipped right off. Eight more hours and the other splint slipped right off. Eli's reaction, "put it back on." So at the doc's recommendation, we have attempted to reattach the splints to protect his bone.

On September 20, Eli will receive his new prosthetics. He will spend a week at the Shriner's Hospital learning how to use them and return home with his finished legs.

Until then, he is immobilized for the most part, which breaks my heart. The pain is lessening, but I see it in his eyes at times, it still hurts. He improves every day.

Eli will return to school on Wednesday. Pray for his smooth transition into his new classroom with new friends and a new teacher.

Love and gratitude,


Lora L Roberts said...

Melissa I feel your pain. I am glad Eli's pain is getting less, I look forward to that day with Jeremy. It is so hard when they are hurting.

Anonymous said...

It would be so interesting to read Eli's mind and be able to understand just what he is thinking at this time. Our hearts hurt even though we are thankful for all the miraculous changes he has experienced..sending our love with prayers for each of you.
Bobbie & Marvin

Hewett Happenings said...

His leg looks great! I can't wait to see him with his prosthetics. I just know he is going to take off with them. We are so excited for him!! Go ELI!!!!