Friday, May 21, 2010


My general philosophy about Eli's blog is not to post when I'm feeling defeated. Today, I write to you in my despair. Elijah's optometrist told us that he sees signs of retinitis-pigmentosa in his eyes. RP runs in my family. My kids have a 50/50 chance of inheritance. I was sure Eli wouldn’t have to deal with that too. RP can cause blindness in men. I know that the concept of fair really is a figment of our imagination. Life is not fair. Should Eli really have to deal with anything more?

DON'T TELL MY GRANDMOTHER, please. I've decided that I'd prefer she not know. So, blog world, let's keep this to ourselves.

I have to put on a really brave face tonight as Sophia is having 13 of her closest friends over for her sleep over birthday party. I’d prefer to go hide and cry.

Please pray that Dr. Groves was wrong. Pray that Eli doesn’t have RP. That is my fervent prayer and request of you, my friends.

Thanks for going through this with us....the ups and the downs....there are plenty of both. We trust in our Lord to bring us through this, too.

With love,


itsroo2 said...

I am so sorry that Eli has yet another thing in his life to deal with. Your family is so strong. Know that others are praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Praying that Eli does not have this.He has been through so much.Praying for all of you and for some extra God given strength.

Amberghini said...

Eli has already mastered keeping all of these doctors on their toes! I know he's not done with them yet!!! ;P Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I read your concerns about RP last evening and this morning I read an article on page 18A of The Oklahoman on gene therapy research for treatment of RP. You are probably already aware of this, but wanted to pass this info along just in case. Two websites to check: has a video(search for retinitis pigmentosa)and
Blessings to your precious family.
Rhett & Diane Randolph (friends of Marvin & Bobbie)