Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eli is Houdini

David and Eli arrived safely home about 4 p.m. on Tuesday. I met the two of them at the QT down the road for drop off from the Shriner's van after a 6 hour trip. I saw Eli and commented "that cast isn't going to stay on." Little did I know that he'd have it off by 6 p.m. (Houdini has nothing on Eli) and we'd be on the phone to Shreveport figuring out what had to be done. By 9 p.m., we were back in the car headed to Shreveport...we stopped in Paris, Texas at midnight to sleep and then finished the remaining 3 hour drive the next morning...had a new cast applied and headed home making it about 9 p.m. Miserable for all of us, but especially Eli. The new cast, designed solely to keep his new thumb immovable for about 5 more weeks, will not be coming off!
  • Tubes in ears surgery moved to April 5. That one is in Tulsa.
  • Back to Shreveport April 19 for cast removal and thumb check on April 20.
  • We get May off.
  • To OKC on June 19 for a cleft palate clinic where they will determine if he needs anything else done in his mouth.
  • To Shreveport on July 19 to prepare for leg straightening surgery on July 21.
Nothing scheduled after that. Ya Hoo! We know we'll have follow up in Shreveport 4-6 weeks after July 21 surgery and then we'll have to return for prosthetics and prosthetics checks and prosthetics adjustments, etc. Clearly, we should find a prosthetic person in Tulsa to work with us too. Shouldn't be a problem.

We have pictures of the new thumb. They will be posted soon.

We are waiting on snow today...maybe EIGHT INCHES. Yes, it is March 20 and Spring has taken a last-minute nap before her grand entrance. Old Man Winter has seized the opportunity for a final farewell. WAKE UP SPRING!!!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts and bodies. We are praying for your strength and ability to face every day. God bless you. G.Bobbie

Miss Amy said...

the title makes me laugh....fits him well lol! Can't wait to see you guys on Tuesday!