Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photos of the kiddos

Sophia is going to see Sleeping Beauty Ballet today with her Girl Scout Troop. Isn't she SO cute! Yes, there is another dusting of snow on the ground today, but that never factors into Sophia's selection of clothing...we did decide on boots, which kind of match the outside conditions.
Eli's using his walker to "walk, walk."

Love you all,


Emily said...

Look at that fashion star...she's beautiful. Growing up fast. And of course, Eli's smile is as great as ever.

Anonymous said...

Love that girl, she is beautiful, inside and out. Keep her humble ! !
So proud of Eli and Grandpa Ken for the walker. Nothing is going to stop him now ! ! ! Thanks for the pictures, Melissa. I needed that today. Love you all, Bobbie