Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eli Who?

Eli and I were watching Dora together. We pretended that he was Boots and I was Dora. So, we had some various things that were our stars to catch. We put them in my pretend pocket. I said "Estrellas" and Eli says, "those aren't estrellas, those are stars." I cracked up and realized that I should not count on Dora to teach Elijah RAMIREZ Spanish.

Please pray for Eli. He has pneumonia! It's a scary diagnosis, in my mom-opinion.

Love you all.

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Leveta said...

Praying here. I had pneumonia a few years ago and was miserable so I know hard it is for that sweet boy and please know that I still have Eli's BD present to mail out. I am such a procrastinator with such a busy schedule but it will come..Hopefully he will be suprised to get something in the mail that he won't realize how late it is (o: