Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ramirez Kids In T-Town

Here are some pics of the kids at the new Route 66 park in west Tulsa. They have the biggest oil derrick (non-working) in North America, and a decommissioned train with the biggest wheels I've ever seen! The main engine barreled down the tracks toward Super-Sophia, but she was just too fast for it. Look at her go!


The gentleman who acted as our Make A Wish volunteer, Wade, is also the fire chief at Station 32 on 91st St. (near Hunter Park). He invited Elijah and Sophia to tour the facility, and they had a great time! Thanks to everyone for making our morning so special, and for your service to the City of Tulsa.


Eli absolutely loves to spend time at Therapy Works, on 91st Street near Memorial. We see Suzette on Wednesdays at 5:15 for occupational therapy, and on Friday we see Kara for speech pathology and Kathy for feeding therapy. All three of them are highly knowledgeable, exceptional with their applications, and very patient and kind with my little boy. When we tell him we're going to Therapy Works, he sings and laughs the whole way there. Watch as he works with Kara at blowing bubbles in a bowl, a very difficult task for a boy with a deviated septum, weak pallet and under-used jaw and tongue muscles. He's getting stronger every day! Before this video was taking, Elijah spent most of his time blowing bubbles with a soft rubber clip holding his nostrils closed, to make it easier to direct air through his lips. This also makes it easier to pronounce consonants like B and P, which he is ALSO successfully doing without the clip. We're amazed by his progress and grateful to Therapy Works!


Anonymous said...

It has been too long since I saw my babies and what progress is shown in these pictures. Thanks for sharing again with us all. Many others are anxious to see these. Friends from WhipPoorWill were visiting here this week and wanted so much to see you but it was not a good time. They do want you to know they love you and care for all of you. bg

Anonymous said...

Wow! Whoopee! Wonderful! What a guy and what a girl! I couldn't be more proud if they were my great niece and nephew. Oh yeah, they are GREAT! Love, love, love the videos. Can't wait to see you all in November. Aunt Lesli & Uncle Carl