Saturday, August 20, 2011

Elijah's Quest

Hello Team Eli!
Eli and David at Top of the Rock in NYC
The Ramirezes have had a very busy summer. First, we visited the Elk River with the McManus clan. Then, we went to Walt Disney World for five nights of action packed Mickey.  Then, we went to New York City primarily to visit David's parents and secondarily to visit the world's coolest city. We've had fun. I tell Sophia that we've made up for having to miss some summer vacations since Elijah's birth.

Elijah is learning more and enjoying his time at home. He starts public school for a few hours a day on Monday and back to the Little Light House on Wednesday. We're excited to get the routine rolling again.

A few weeks ago Eli had his 16th surgery. New tubes put in his ears and a scheduled adenoidectomy. But, the ENT discovered Eli didn't have much adenoid tissue so the adenoidectomy didn't happen. That led us on an adventure analyzing Elijah's immune system since the adenoids and tonsils are part of the lymph system, which feeds immunity. The infectious disease doc doesn't think Eli has an immunodeficiency, which is very, very good news.

My apologies for our long stints between posts. Honestly, since I started the new job that I love, I haven't posted as much. Those two things might not be related, but who knows.

We love you all and appreciate your prayers for Eli. Please pray for his ability to walk. For those of you tracking, you know it's been about a year that he has had prosthetic legs...he still isn't able to walk independently. He is making progress, but it is extremely slow. Keeping my positive attitude about it is being tested for sure. He deserves to be able to walk where an when he wants. I want that for him.

Love and gratitude,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you had a fun-filled summer. That is great for the entire family. We are anxious for Eli's full use of his legs and continue to pray for full success. He will make it. And it's great for him to start public school. Such accomplishments were only a dream a few years back. We love you all and are keeping you in our hearts and prayers.
Pete and Linda

Anonymous said...

Chuck & I saw Eli this morning at LLH. He has grown so much and is quite a talker!! Good to hear about your busy summer.

Love, Jean Walton

Grant Irby said...

Just read through several of the previous blog entries... I'm praying for Eli and hoping he has a great and successful time at the LLH Mini Laps!

Anonymous said...

I know this is very late response to this wonderful entry. I am able to type again slowly but I have to tell you, this is absolutely the greatest show on earth - from Sophia's superb rendition of the Star Sp. Banner to Eli's brave walk with his pipe organ and mask to the creativety produced by Melissa and David. We had to keep trying to see through the tears. Love you all. G & G