Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tears of Joy, part 62

Gene Siskel said that the best way to criticize a bad movie is to make a better movie. Thus do we overcome the crushing sadness of the recent altercation (see previous post, or better yet, skip it) by moving on to the kind of inspiring moment we've come to expect from our little hard-working superhero. Today Elijah went to occupational therapy and had a lot of fun playing with toys and jumping and flipping and stuff. I had to step out to make a phone call, and when I came back, our new friend Suzette said she had something to show me. I assumed she had some kind of exercise she wanted me to do with Elijah at home, so I took it in stride. I sat down and watched as he picked up a ball, aimed it quite carefully, and threw it at three "dinosaur bowling pins," knocking them all down with impressive accuracy. We clapped and cheered. But that's not what Suzette wanted to show me. Elijah crawled up a set of benches into his own chair (an impressive feat on its own) and sat at the table. Then Ms. Suzette helped him prepare to show me something new. When I saw him start to do this, tears sprung to my eyes. I'm weepy watching it again right now. PREPARE TO BE AMAZED...

That's right. Elijah is now capable of holding a regular-sized marker and drawing on a piece of paper with it. This has been THE goal of our OT time for the past two years. He won't be able to truly keep up in the public school classroom until he is able to manipulate writing utensils at his desk. And now, that day has arrived. It's one thing to have faith that what you pray for will come to pass, but there's something miraculous about witnessing it first-hand. I saw a miracle today.

By the way, Melissa hasn't seen this video yet, so don't tell her. She's getting a phone call from me right now.



Anonymous said...

YEA Eli!!!!

Caroline's Momma said...

That is incredible! I am a new reader.. Your son is amazing.

Leveta said...

That is so amazing! What a fighter and super super boy! Way to go Eil and way to on those along with mom and dad who work so diligently with him.God is good!

Anonymous said...

We rejoice with Eli and his accomplishments. The Ramirez family is truly a loving family. We know it is hard work for all of you. We love to hear of his progress. Sophia is so talented and loving.

Love, Pete and Linda

RobandKathy Gandy said...

Elijah is THE MAN!!
SO glad to see this new post. Still hurting with/for you all about the last one, but Elijah seems to have moved on! ;o)
(Those kids at the park just didn't recognize a superhero when they saw one. Pity.)