Saturday, December 11, 2010



Look who's eating! Elijah has made amazing progress taking food by mouth, even though it's all baby foods and sauces. He especially likes barbecue sauce. So imagine my surprise when I walked into his afternoon class at Freedom Elementary and saw the scene below. He was enjoying snacks and juice with his friends, which usually means he licks the food and sticks his tongue in the juice. But this time--and almost too fast for me to get my video camera out--he popped a Cherrio in his mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it! It's a sign of great things to come. I had no idea it was about to happen, and I'm still thrilled just thinking about it.


Our friend Randi, a former Little Light House volunteer, came by to say hello and play with Elijah. She hadn't seen her favorite boy since before his leg amputation, and she was amazed to see him walking on new prosthetics. Let's face it, we're all amazed.


It's true that Elijah is unique, special, extraordinary, et cetera, but he's also just like you when it's time to play with cars on the back porch on a sunny day. Watch his imagination run wild as his daddy unsuspectingly videos him and posts it online for all to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

What an amzing boy.He is growing and changing so much! SO neat to see the way he is progressing.Thanks so much for sharing this with us.